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NaturalShrimp is the FIRST truly eco-friendly, sustainable, closed system production facility that produces the best tasting, all-natural, premium quality shrimp year round without the use of antibiotics or chemicals.

NaturalShrimp produces and sells Pacific White shrimp.

We currently grow and harvest our shrimp in La Coste, TX located just west of San Antonio, Webster City, IA and Buckeye, IA. We also have a Nursery Facility in Blairsburg, IA.

NaturalShrimp’s method is based on the natural cycle found in an ocean environment.

We eliminated many of the ocean’s hazards to create an indoor production environment that is free of predators, weather hazards and chemicals. Naturally-found proteins provide a continuous food source so shrimp can thrive without the use of harmful antibiotics present in other shrimp farming methods.

The result: A closed, biologically secure, re-circulating, saltwater aquaculture system that produces safe, fresh, eco-friendly shrimp. And since our saltwater process does not require access to the ocean, soon you will find more NaturalShrimp operations near major metropolitan areas to deliver delicious, naturally produced shrimp directly to you 52 weeks a year.

Shrimp harvested and sold by NaturalShrimp has a virtually non-existent environmental impact as compared to traditional methods. The current preferred method of shrimp farmers around the world (especially in third world countries) utilize open air systems, or man-made shrimp ponds connected to the open ocean. Open air systems are environmentally destructive, have high chemical contamination levels and can foster widespread viral outbreaks that can wipe out an entire region’s shrimp production. Furthermore, in order to maximize their crop, farmers will use large quantities of antibiotics and dangerous levels of chemicals that pollute the oceans and in some cases make the shrimp they produce unsafe for human consumption.

Wild shrimp is caught by the process of ocean trawling. Ocean trawling involves the use of large, boat towed nets that are toxic to the undersea environment, disturb ocean-bottom ecosystems and catch a variety of non-shrimp sea life (called bycatch) which is usually killed and discarded as part of the shrimp harvesting process.

The NaturalShrimp process does not deplete natural resources, does not dump harmful chemicals into the ocean and does not use ocean trawlers that kill and dispose of unwanted bycatch marine life.

The term “Organic” is still being defined as it applies to aquaculture. We feel we could achieve this coveted status but, we cannot claim an “Organic” label until it has been defined. However, we do like to point out that our shrimp are “Naturally-grown and Sustainable, which to many is a higher standard than organic and fed with a non GMO feed.

Shrimp is one of the most sought-after seafood in the world and the oceans can only supply a finite amount of wild shrimp each year. According to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, the world consumes 9.5 billion pounds of shrimp annually, with over 1.7 billion consumed in the United States alone! And 1.3 billion pounds of shrimp are imported most of it from Asia.

Approximately 65% of the global supply is provided by ocean trawlers which use large nets to catch their shrimp. This process is destructive, dangerous, unsafe and unsustainable. These nets are highly toxic, since they disturb sensitive ocean-bottom ecosystems and in the process, catch a large variety of non-shrimp sea life (bycatch) which is typically killed and discarded as waste.

With global populations surpassing seven billion and domestic consumption growing from 4% to 7% annually, it’s no wonder that global demand is outstripping the natural supply of wild caught shrimp. This is clearly an unsustainable production paradigm.

NaturalShrimp’s production facilities are the aquaculture industry’s first truly eco-friendly, sustainable way of cultivating shrimp in a high-density environment. Our closed system production method can produce fresh, gourmet grade shrimp anywhere in the world without use of antibiotics, pollutants and chemicals or without further depleting the world’s oceans from overfishing.

One chemical found in shrimp farms (especially those in Asia) is Chloramphenicol. This is a very strong antibiotic that is used to control widespread disease in high density shrimp farms. This chemical is banned in the U.S. because of its potentially lethal side effects.

Other chemicals banned by the US Food and Drug Administration include Malachite Green, Fluoroquinolones, Nitrofurans and Gentian Violet.

Most consumers are so used to that “iodine aftertaste” in shrimp that they don’t even notice it’s there…but it is. And most everyone thinks you’re supposed to “smell” shrimp on your hands after you eat it. The truth is, that “iodine aftertaste” is actually bromine (a chemical used in heavy duty cleansers) that the shrimp eat when they’re in the ocean or in a regular open-air shrimp farm. Furthermore, mercury and other contaminants found in wild caught shrimp will NOT be found in NaturalShrimp.

At NaturalShrimp, we don’t add chemicals! When we say our shrimp is fresh and naturally grown, we mean it! While many open-air shrimp farmers and wild fishers add sodium bisulfate to “prolong freshness,” we refuse to do so.

The complete answer is a Company trade secret. However, part of our success is a result of our proprietary Vibrio Suppression Technology. This technology helps to protect our shrimp population from harmful organisms. Additionally, our computer monitoring system maintains proper levels of oxygen, salinity and temperature for optimal shrimp production.

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