Our Chef

Chef Douwe Iedema

Chef Douwe Iedema is a seasoned Executive Chef with more than twenty-five years of demonstrated success, trained as a Culinary Chef in the Netherlands and received his Master of Arts in Classic French Cuisine, at the Karl Van Erven Private School for French cuisine also in the Netherlands.

Chef Douwe Iedema served as a chef in training in well-known Michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands before moving up as an Executive Chef in Europe for over 10 years, overseeing multiple food outlets for more than 8,000 military personnel from twenty-eight delegations assigned to NATO’s Northern Headquarters, Europe. He has worked in Monte Carlo and Lausanne Switzerland and has since served as Executive Chef at restaurants in Livingston, Texas, Dallas, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana in the past 8 years.

How Fresh Is Fresh?

Our shrimp will be delivered within hours of harvesting so you can get that fresh tasting shrimp you crave year ‘round. And when we say our shrimp is sushi-grade fresh, we aren’t kidding. We carefully monitor the entire harvesting process so our shrimp is never more than a few days old. You can literally enjoy our shrimp just days after we harvest it. Most shrimp, even “Gulf” shrimp, is actually farmed in southeast Asia. By the time it reaches your grocery store, it has traversed halfway around the world frozen in ice. In fact much of the shrimp you’ll find is well over a month old before it even arrives in your local market. That’s no way to enjoy “fresh” shrimp.

Through the combination of their many derivative formulas, we can solve a wide variety of billion-dollar problems, including corrosion, rust, low oxygenation, deficient ORP, ammonia, sour gas, high acidity, oil separation, salt and PCB contamination, bacterial growth, toxic wastewater, carbon emissions, low alkalinity, inhibited apoptosis, venomous enzymes, putrefaction, and more.They simply prevent or eliminate oxidation. Hydrogas™ and RLS™ are non-toxic, non-caustic, easy to scale, and cost effective, so we can easily and cheaply solve high volume problems without risking injury or environmental contamination.

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