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Farm-to-Table Sushi Grade Shrimp

Fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp without the use of antibiotics, probiotics or toxic chemicals.

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Chemical &
Additive Free

Better water quality through more efficient water chemistry

Grown in the USA

Locally hatched and grown to avoid potential risks of imported seafood

Environmentally sustainable

No by-catch kill & no damage to ecological environments

From the farm to your door

Why Choose NaturalShrimp?

NaturalShrimp is the exclusive brand of shrimp harvested in the pristine, high-tech farms built by NaturalShrimp. We have invested millions of dollars and almost two decades researching and developing the very best environment in which to create the most delicious, fresh, all-natural shrimp. NaturalShrimp raises saltwater shrimp that are free of pollutants, disease and chemicals. Our high-tech, environmentally friendly facilities recreate a clean, pure ocean habitat.

About us

Always fresh. always natural

Our Shrimp & Sauce

Our Shrimp

Our Sauce

How It Works

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1st STEP

Build Your Box

Select raw or cooked shrimp (minimum order is 5 pounds per order). Once you have selected your shrimp product, you can choose to add a sauce to your order. *Sauces are sold separately.

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2nd STEP

Harvest Pack & Ship

Once your order is placed and confirmed, we pack each one-pound portion of shrimp on biodegradable trays, which are then vacuum-sealed and fresh-frozen within hours of harvest for unbeatable flavor and quality. The box is packed with gel packs and, depending on the weather, your box could include dry ice, but that will be labeled on the outer side of your box.

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3rd STEP

Direct To Your Door

After your order has been packed, your order will be shipped out the same day. You will receive tracking details via email confirmation.

Our recipies

Chef’s Corner

Florida Shrimp ‘N RiceBy Lauren WionFlorida Shrimp 'n Rice, recipe created by David Fitzsimmons, SHMP Shareholder. Recipe is for 10 people.
NaturalShrimp BlanchingBy natshrimphNaturalShrimp blanching, recipe created by Douwe Iedema, Executive Corporate Chef NaturalShrimp. Recipe is for 6-8 people.
NaturalShrimp Simple Quick BiscuitsBy natshrimphNaturalShrimp simple quick Biscuits, recipe created by Douwe Iedema, Executive Corporate Chef NaturalShrimp. Recipe is for 6-8-12 people.
Pork & NaturalShrimp DumplingsBy natshrimphNaturalShrimp and pork potstickers/ dumplings recipe created by Douwe Iedema, Executive Corporate Chef NaturalShrimp. Recipe is for 6-8 people.
Fresh NaturalShrimp RollsBy natshrimphFresh NaturalShrimp Rolls recipe created By Douwe Iedema Corporate Executive Chef NaturalShrimp.
Summer Fresh NaturalShrimp CevicheBy natshrimphSummer Fresh NaturalShrimp Ceviche recipe created by Douwe Iedema, Corporate Executive Chef NaturalShrimp. Recipe is for 12 people. Pair this with a crisp white wine or tequila.
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